America is Still The Greatest Frontier

Based in New York, NY, but invested in communities across the nation.

Our companies are proof that you don’t need to invent the next Apple or Google to create a several hundred-million—or even billion—dollar business. We’re invested in the quintessential American experience.

To Us, Working Together is Personal
Our companies are what America eats, sleeps, and breathes.

The everyday consumer drives our nation’s economy. At GSP, we invest in the greatest companies creating genuine, customer-centric experiences.

We like companies that have:
Strong Roots
An entrepreneurial origin story chasing the American Dream.
A Growth Story
Strong businesses are growing businesses.
A Great Brand
An authentic, customer-obsessed presence in their communities.
A Fragmented Market
Multiple ways to win together.
Strong Leaders
Business is hard. Leadership matters.

A Bigger Bite of the Second Apple

two people at restaurant
Rollover equity means that we all create wealth, together.
people eating at restaurant

Aligned partnerships. No matter how well they do up front, our partners should do even better when we win together.

We believe experience matters. We back management teams in leading businesses with exceptional unit economics and exceptional brands. We incentivize our partners to push themselves and their teams to grow even faster than before with the capital and thought-partnership to buy competitors, build faster, and better serve their customers.

How we approach our collaborative partnerships

We know what we don’t know. And, what we do know is that every partnership is different, just like every company is different. Culture matters. Our strategies are tailored to your objectives and needs. We’re plugged into Wall Street so you don’t have to be.

How do we approach partnerships?
With Respect

GSP understands how personal your business is to you. It’s part of your family. We treat it as such.

With energy

Great partnerships are built on the energy you invest in them. We’re committed to helping you achieve your dreams and ambitions.

With humility

First rule: do no harm. We listen. We work to complement each company and management team.

With everything

Building a business is more than just a job to us. We bring the experience and passion of our entire network.

Our BS detectors are always on, especially for ourselves.
The Beliefs that Ground Us
One-size-fits-all never fits all

We’re not wedded to a playbook. Every one of our partnerships is different because every business we invest in is unique and different.

Culture fundamentally matters

Culture matters. It’s a constant pursuit and can’t be forced. We promise not to screw yours up.

Failure is part of the process

We’ve never met an entrepreneur that’s had a straight path. We see failure as a badge honoring someone who is battle tested.

Listen first, above all else

We care about creating meaningful conversations—not just noise. The only way our words can carry worth is by taking the time to listen openly and honestly.