Garnett Station Partners

We’re Invested in America.

VIVE Collision
Invested in 2021
Primanti Bros.
Invested in 2022
Goodturn Tire and Auto
Invested in 2023
Flagstop Carwash
Invested in 2022
Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming
Invested in 2022
We Think Scrappy But Dream Big
Unlike other investment firms, we like being underestimated.

We back driven entrepreneurs with big ambitions. Over the last 10 years we’ve partnered with more than 20 different companies to accelerate growth by re-investing in their core business, leading technology adoption, and instituting a capital allocation tool-kit tailored and unique to each opportunity. We work with founder-owned companies to win—together.

Our Philosophy

We like to think we're different. Luckily you don't have to take our word for it.

employee standing in front of carwash storefront

“We interviewed about 50 private equity firms and we just never felt comfortable with them. It didn’t really resonate with us with any of these other groups until the day that we met GSP. I wasn’t aware of who they were or anything, but the moment we met them, it was like there was an energy in the room. They were really personable and very open, and we could tell they appreciated the value of what we already created.”

scott wainright
Scott Wainwright, Co-Founder, WOW Carwash
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“A lot of my friends and colleagues that went through the transition to private equity had concerns about the amount of reporting and involvement from the private equity firm in the day-to-day of the business. So far, with GSP, it’s been amazing. They are really easy to work with. You feel that you have the support and you have resources from all of the other companies that they operate.”

Ricardo Azevedo, CEO, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming
Ricardo Azevedo, CEO, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming
girl eating shaved ice

“Honestly, when I started the process of finding an investor, I was hesitant about private equity. Speaking to investment bankers and firms, it took years for me to learn the jargon. I hated the entire process. My approach was stop and go for years, until a personal contact recommended GSP as a potential culture fit. Matt and Alex came in with an air of humility. They understood that my business didn’t need rescuing and were transparent about what the partnership would look like in real terms.”

tony lamb
Tony Lamb, Founder & CEO, Kona Ice
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“One of the things that sets GSP apart is how we approach our relationships with the owners and founders of the businesses we acquire. We get to know them personally. We get to work with them very closely. I think it’s a bond that not many other private equity firms are able to retain, and we do it in a very special way because we’re very open and we’re very honest and very transparent.”

Alex Macedo headshot
Alex Macedo, Partner & Lead Operating Partner, GSP

Certain founders, former owners, or personnel of GSP investments and/or GSP operating partners are current GSP investors. And, as a result of their relationship to GSP, such persons could be inclined to provide a more favorable description of GSP than might otherwise be the case.

Sector Focus

Food & beverage
Consumer & Business Services
Health & wellness
Franchisee / Franchisor
Investment Criteria
Food & beverage
Consumer & Business Services
Health & wellness
Franchisee / Franchisor

Everyone Starts Somewhere

Working at Burger King
A lot has changed since growing up together, but our values remain the same.

Our origin story? We were rejected by every franchisor we approached—except one. In 2013, our journey started as Burger King franchisees. The rumor across the system was we were related to the King himself—we aren’t. We rolled-up our sleeves, we made mistakes, and we figured out just how hard it is to build a business. We were operators first; the investment firm came next.

Working at Burger King
Our Story
There is a lot of unnecessary confusion in the investment space.

We may not always have the answer, but we are 100% transparent 100% of the time. There’s no space for backroom conversations. We like to leave it all out on the table.

How does it work?
How do you add value to my business?

We’ve partnered with more than 20 companies to accelerate growth by reinvesting in their core business, leading technology adoption, and instituting a capital allocation toolkit tailored to each opportunity. We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so we take an integrated approach to helping you grow that covers a wide ground, whether that means embracing a new tech tool or helping improve operations.

Do you only invest in a particular set of industries or sectors?

Yes and no—above all, we’re invested in multi-unit, franchised, American core economy businesses. While we focus in sectors like food and beverage, health and wellness, automotive, and business services, we are intrigued by those with an entrepreneurial story that’s focused on building an authentic, consumer-focused brand in their communities. If this sounds like you, we want to hear your story.

What does GSP look for in a business?

Building a business takes guts and conviction. Above all, we look for companies that have strong entrepreneurial roots and that aren’t afraid to chase the American dream. Of course, there are other qualities and criteria we look for: Strong leadership, credibility, market opportunity, white space for growth, a unique focus on the consumer experience, and more. But we feel really strongly that if we connect on a deeper level and fit culturally, the rest will follow.

For the list of more technical criteria, our investment criteria can help provide more clarity.

How would my day to day change if we partnered?

We’re not here to step on toes or hinder your day-to-day operations. We’re here to provide real support and help brainstorm concrete ways to improve your business, all while respecting everything you’ve built and continue to build. Your day to day may include a few more touch points here and there, but we’ve never been fans of meetings just for the sake of meetings. We leave the daily operations to you, and support as we’re needed.

Do you invest in companies located outside the major cities?

We’re New Yorkers ourselves, but we’re invested in entrepreneurs who are chasing the American dream in their communities outside the hot metropolitan areas. Our companies are proof that you don’t need to be a trendy tech company in Silicon Valley to be hugely successful—you can create greatness by appealing to the everyday American consumer—and doing it better than anyone else.

The Investment Process
How do you value my business?

Valuing a business is a complex process, to say the least. After all, a company, with its culture and people and leadership, is so much more than its numerical price tag. Our valuation process involves a combination of financial analysis, market assessment, and industry comparisons, among others. We believe it’s both an art and a science and have worked on honing our process over the decade we’ve been in the business. Our ultimate goal is to be as transparent as possible.

How do I know when a firm is a good fit for my company?

We can’t speak for every founder, objectively speaking, but a common barometer that can be helpful to measure against is cultural fit. Can you see yourself working together with this team? Do you have a similar culture that aligns with the firm’s culture? And most importantly, will the firm stand by you when things don’t go as planned?

We know we won’t be the right fit for everyone, but we do like to think that we’re different from most other firms. See if we hold the same beliefs.

What is the process of getting a deal done together?

The answer varies from company to company, but there are common threads every founder we partner with can expect. Sometimes this process can take months. For founders like Tony, it took years (no really, we’re not kidding).

  • Initial meeting: First and foremost, we want to answer the elephant-sized question in the room—do we connect in a way that would allow us to work well together? We don’t treat this question lightly. That aside, we use our first meeting to learn more about you, your company, and your vision for it. We also work to answer any questions you have about our background (including the mistakes we’ve made ourselves), or the investment process.
  • Follow-ups and additional touch points: We understand that building the relationship is key. We don’t expect you to meet with us once and sign the deal immediately—this has never happened, and we don’t expect it ever will.
  • Due diligence: At different points in our conversation, our team takes a look through your company’s financials, operations, market positioning, growth potential, risks, and more. We work to make this process as transparent as we can, and if we lock in the deal, we use all this information to help identify potential ways you can grow and scale.
  • Creating the investment terms: This includes careful crafting of the investment terms and structures (AKA key deal points) that align with your growth strategy. The goal here is to make sure that we’re fully aligned and headed in the right direction as partners.
  • Sealing the deal: We become trusted partners in your corner and work to further lay out the future roadmap, while keeping in mind that the goal posts will always change on an as-needed basis.
Working Together
What makes GSP different?

You don’t need to hear it from us—hear it from the founders we partner with instead.

Certain founders, former owners, or personnel of GSP investments and/or GSP operating partners are current GSP investors. And, as a result of their relationship to GSP, such persons could be inclined to provide a more favorable description of GSP than might otherwise be the case.

Culture matters to us. How will you work with us to make sure it doesn’t get lost?

Culture isn’t just a buzzword for us, it’s a cornerstone to our approach. We understand that culture plays an integral role in what makes your company special, and we’re not here to ruin it. Our commitment to preserving your culture starts with active listening and better understanding the values that drive you. We make sure that our strategies stay rooted to those values throughout every stage of the process.

How do I get started?

We like to get to know you through a simple conversation. Reach out to us to find a time that works for you.

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