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We are entrepreneur investors.
Driven by opportunity.
Disciplined by ownership.
Fueled by passion. 

We measure success by the relationships we build.
By the teams we cultivate.
By the culture we create.
And the doors we open.
We believe that beyond our expertise and track record,
We bring our unwavering commitment
To turn every partnership into an enduring success story.

“I know my brand – and my roll-over equity -- will be even more valuable in GSP’s hands.”

— Randy Dewitt

“Garnett Station got the deal done on our timeline, did what they said they would do and got it done as smoothly as we could have ever dreamed of.”
— Richard Tetrick
“I chose to partner with Garnett Station because of their experience growing restaurant companies and the close relationship they built with my management.”
— Randy Dewitt
"I know my brand - and my roll - over equity--will be even more valuable in GSP's hands.”
— Randy Dewitt

Behind the Name: Garnett Station

The name “Garnett Station Partners” is a tribute to the firm’s first investment, a Burger King franchisee located in the Garnett Street train station in Henderson, North Carolina.

The town of Henderson was settled in 1785 and experienced significant economic growth when the Garnett Street station opened in 1837.

 Although no longer a functional railroad station, the building is a central part of Henderson’s business district and played an important role in the inception of Garnett Station Partners.


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